Saturday, July 23, 2011


This started as the ghost print of one I have not finished yet. I have made some new stamps using doublestick tape with shapes I cut out of felt, and then stuck onto wood . Much easier than cutting chair felts! 12x16. It needs more light and dark shapes but I am having FUN and am posting my experiments . Maybe I should quit doing that and only put up the finished pieces.


Another 8x10.


Basically I mixed about 5 piles of ink--- red, blue, yellow ochre, lemon yellow and white. But then I started mixing one with another and ended up with a range of pinks, with very subtle greyed colors.


Monotype. 8x10. Using new stamps.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


This was a small ghost from a pile of prints that are amorphous. A great place to play with stamps and color.


I started this from the ghost of the first printing of Tracks 1.


Change of pace and back to monotypes. This was started by making patterns on the plate by manipulating rollers. I also rolled the main colors all on the same plate before putting it through the press. It needed something, but what??? I decided to make some stamps to print directly onto the print. Aha--------how to make stamps easily. I expect there is an even easier way but at the moment I am excited by my present method. I took those felt pads one buys for chair legs, cut shapes, and stuck them onto lids  of medicine bottles. Also string onto jar lids and felt strips onto small wood pieces.


I started this as a demo for an introduction to Oil Pastel, given to the Pacific Art League in July. I did start this from a photo but then I lost the photo so it is mainly made up. I made textures by taking top layers out with the edge of a spoon and by using my favorite tool, a wine cork.


Pastel I painted from a photo I printed in black and white.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Clouds over Puget Sound are usually spectacular. This is a pastel. I should try a daily painting of clouds.


One of Bill McEnroe's assignments again. This time it was Critters. So I went on line to find photographs of unusual insects, which was very interesting indeed. The bug on the left, which is black and white, is a Goliath Beetle. About a month after I painted this I happened upon an exhibit of shells and a few insects and low and behold there was a Goliath beetle with a 3-4 inch body. Phew.


Oil pastel. Another painting trying to capture the wild, turbulent Pacific in Baha.

Baha Beach

I have been reminded that I haven't added anything to my blog lately. Actually I do have quite a lot  that I have not photographed. Where does the time go? This is a pastel. When I stayed in Baha we were on the Pacific coast, which is very rough and fascinating to watch.